How To Wash & Dry Puffer Jacket At Home?

How To Wash & Dry Puffer Jacket At Home?

Your puffer jacket is a reliable companion, forever there to keep you toasty warm during harsh winters, over-air conditioned flights, and early-season backpacking jaunts. 

They are waterproof, wind-proof, water-resistant, and ultra-comfortable. These durable jackets are not cheap, but the correct one will keep you snug and warm year after year if appropriately taken care of. 

In this guide, you will learn how to clean a puffer jacket to keep it looking new and fluffy for several years to come. 

How to Wash Puffer Jacket?

A common misconception is that laundry puffer jackets are not washable at home, and you must take them to dry cleaners, but this is not the scenario. You can easily wash a puffer jacket at home if you know how.

How to Spot Wash A Puffer Jacket?

Unless your outerwear is extremely grimy, you can frequently get away with washing only the dirty areas. Spot washing puffer jackets can help them last longer since a complete wash puts them through significantly more wear and tear.

Follow these steps to spot wash your puffer jacket:

  • Prepare a paste of mild dish soap and water.
  • Hold the dirty shell or lining material away from the insulation, and utilize a cloth or toothbrush to clean it smoothly.
  • Wash the fabric cautiously to keep the internal fill from getting wet. Then, allow your outerwear to air-dry.
  • Make sure it is wholly dry before you store it.

How to Wash Puffer Jacket in a Washing Machine?

You will need to prepare your jacket before simply putting it into the washing machine.

You need to empty all the pockets and guarantee that your outerwear is wholly fastened up so it won’t hold up on anything inside the washer. Besides, you need to eliminate any faux-fur trims on the coat and wash them separately.

This is the optimal time to spot-treat any marks you witness. Follow these steps to machine wash your puffer jacket:

Check the Label

The fundamental step in how to clean puffer jackets is checking the care tag to ensure it can be washed in the washer.

Also, confirm you are only utilizing a washer that does not have a center agitator and that you are utilizing a gentle cycle setting.

Use a Specialized Cleaner

Using a regular laundry detergent won’t damage your outerwear. However, it is best to opt for a detergent that is exclusively made for puffer jackets.

This is because it will aid in keeping the feathers inside the coat fluffy.

Choose a Gentle Cycle Setting

Set your washer to a gentle cycle, such as delicate or wool, and set it to lowermost heat. We recommend washing puffer jackets in cold water only because using warm water will impair the jacket’s external shell.

Rinse the Jacket

You want your jacket to be rinsed completely, so for the finest results, add an additional rinse cycle if you can. If you can’t, extend the rinse cycle for as long as possible. If you think there are still detergent remnants in the outerwear, rinse the jacket again.

Skip the Spin Cycle

Make sure to skip the spin cycle on the washer to prevent causing impairment to feathers inside the puffer jacket. Warily knead your jacket using your hands to guarantee all excess water is drained.

Top-Loading or Front-Loading Washer

Using a front loading machine for washing a puffer jacket is best. Top-loading washers have an agitator that can damage the outerwear material. If you don’t have a front-loading machine, you can wash the coat in the top-loading machine; just throw it in a mesh bag to safeguard it.

How To Hand Wash A Puffer Jacket?

Most puffer jackets are machine-washable. Nevertheless, you can also hand-wash it.

Follow these steps to wash your puffer jacket with your hands.

Spot Clean the Jacket

Before you start, spot cleans any dirt from the jacket’s exterior. Also, address any stubborn stains using the specific cleaner.

An excellent tool for spot cleaning is a toothbrush. Afterward, apply the cleaner and scrub the section gently in a circular motion.

Allow it to set, and wipe away the cleaner with a clean rag to check your progress.

Soak the Jacket

After spot cleaning, you must give your outerwear a long soak in hot water. Fill a bathtub, basin, or sink with hot water and add specialized cleaner into the water.

Now, submerge the laundry puffer jacket and softly agitate it with your hands. Then, permit it to soak for 30-60 minutes. This will assist in eliminating any excess dirt and detergent from spot cleaning.

Rinse the Jacket

After the first rinse, drain the water and refill the bathtub, sink, or basin with clean water. Gently agitate the jacket again, then let it rest for at least 10 minutes.

Squeeze Out the Jacket

Drain the water, remove your outerwear from the bathtub or sink and squeeze out as much water as you can.

Then utilize the towel-rolling technique:

  • Lay a towel flat.
  • Lay the jacket on top of the towel.
  • Roll both things together, pressing to get more water out.

It is essential not to wring the outerwear powerfully, or the feathers will begin sticking together.

How to Dry Puffer Jacket?

After hand-washing or machine-washing your puffer jacket, it is time to dry it. You might be speculating, “can you put a puffer jacket in the dryer”? You can use a tumble dryer to dry your laundry puffer jacket. However, if you don’t have a dryer, you can let it air-dry.

How to Dry Puffer Jacket in a Dryer?

Follow these steps to dry your jacket in a machine dryer.

Place the Coat in the Dryer.

Put the jacket into a machine dryer, but ensure that as much surplus water has been drained beforehand.

It is better to dry it separately, as other garments will press the fluff down during the drying.

Use the Lowermost Heat.

Set the temperature on the tumble dryer to the lowermost setting you have. This is because a higher temperature will cause damage to the materials on the external shell or feathers inside the coat.

Put in a Few Tennis Balls.

Before starting the cycle, throw 3 to 4 tennis balls in the dryer to guarantee your jacket keeps it fluff. The balls will jump around inside the tumble dryer and constantly beat the outerwear.

As they do this, they will break up feathers’ clumps inside the coat. They also help the jacket to dry more uniformly and quicker. After putting them inside the dryer, activate it and set a timer for 20 minutes.

Bring Out the Jacket from the Dryer.

Once the 20 minutes is up, bring out the outerwear from the dryer and offer it a gentle fluff to help break up clumps that might be developing. Softly massage and jiggle it, and push any feathers that might be sticking out of it back instead of drawing them out.

Continue this procedure every 20 minutes until your puffer jacket is entirely dry.

Continue Drying for 3 Hours.

The entire procedure will take approximately 3 hours to complete because of the lowermost heat setting.

It may be infuriating to fluff your outerwear every 20 minutes, but it is an ideal approach to dry it without risking any damage to the fabric. It is also the optimal way to ensure there is no dampness left inside the feathers, which will manifest in nasty odors and mildew.

If you don’t possess a dryer, you can air-dry it by hanging it in a place that acquires plenty of fresh air and gently break up any clumps of feathers with your fingers as it dries.

You can put it in front of a heater to help accelerate the drying. We don’t recommend air drying as it can compromise the loft of your puffer jacket and take almost five to six hours to thoroughly dry. Once it is completely dry, store it in a fabric garment bag and hang it in a ventilated wardrobe.


If your puffer jacket is enormously dirty, you can follow our guide to wash it to maintain its insulation properties and increase its life. Also, washing it appropriately will aid in restoring the loft and reviving the puffer jacket—providing warmth when you require it and assisting your coat in serving you efficiently on all your future adventures.

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