Our lifetime warranty covers the material and craftsmanship of leather items from the original date of buying for the item's lifespan. This includes buckles, snaps, stitching, etc., on leather chaps, pants, vests, jackets, and gloves. 

We will replace the product if, after the examination, the garment is considered to be not in accordance with our standards. The guarantee is limited to the parts’ repair and the required labor and services to repair the product. 

If the product after the examination is considered non-repairable, we will replace the good. Or, if the good is unavailable or discontinued, a product of equal worth at BLNY discretion will be given.

Leather will last longer if you properly take care of it. If you don’t take care of your leather garment’s hide, it can break down and fail. If you have gotten patches on your item, you can’t ship it back for an exchange or refund. 

Our warranty does not cover the lining or hardware fastened to the liner. Best Leather NY does not offer a lifetime warranty for any reflective piping. Our warranty does not back any products that have been abused (knife fights, crashes, failure to maintain the product appropriately).