9 Ways To Stay Safe On The Road While Riding A Motorcycle

9 Ways To Stay Safe On The Road While Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycling is an adventurous and exciting experience. Nonetheless, the cruel reality is that bike riding can be hazardous if appropriate safety measures are not taken. 

In 2016, the Department of Transportation (DOT) of the United States reported a total of 5,029 motorcycle riders’ deaths---an increase of 5.1 percent from 2015. 

The DOT estimated that bike riders were 28 times more anticipated to die in an accident than individuals in a vehicle. With stats like these, taking protection seriously while riding bikes is necessary. 

In this blog, we have put together a list of tips, so you can stay protected on the road and enjoy your ride.
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9 Ways To Stay Safe On The Road While Riding A Motorcycle

Here are the nine ways to keep your bike rides accident-free and enjoyable.

● Wear A Helmet

The key thing you can do to stay protected on a bike is to wear a helmet. Head injuries are the top reason for death for motorcyclists. 

You also need to guarantee you are wearing the correct helmet. Sadly, many places sell low-priced helmets that seem great but don’t safeguard you. 

Always purchase a DOT-approved helmet that has been tested and offers better protection. Additionally, ensure your helmet fits you appropriately. 

It should not be extremely loose or extremely tight. It should cover most of your head but not block your vision. For more safety, choose a full-face helmet. 

A simple windshield can shield your face from rain, rocks, and insects; however, a full-face helmet features a piece that goes around your jawbone to ensure your face will not make contact with the highway.

● Wear Proper Motorcycle Gear

Looking cool and stunning is not the primary priority when driving a motorcycle. A regular t-shirt, shorts, and sandals are not appropriate motorcycle clothing, regardless of how hot the weather is outside. 

Even jeans offer minimal defence against road rash and injury. Opt for leather jackets, pants, gloves, and boots if you want extreme protection. 

Glasses are essential if you have an open-faced helmet. In summer, you should wear motorcycle gear exclusively designed for cooling and ventilation.

● Stay In Your Comfort Zone

You should be mindful of your abilities and ensure that neither your selected path nor your bike is more than you can handle. 

Your motorcycle should fit you, meaning your feet should rest flat on the earth when you are settled on the bike. Also, if the two-wheeler feels heavier for you, it may be. 

You want to get on and off your bike effortlessly, and the controls and handles should be easier for you to reach. The more acquainted you are with your path, the more effortless it will be for you to concentrate on protection rather than not missing a turn. 

Plus, if you are going on a bike trip with a group, don’t pressure yourself to keep pace with the pack. You should forever drive to your comfort level.

● Avoid Brightness From Oncoming Traffic

If you are riding at night, drive your bike in the line farthest away from the opposite traffic flow. The left-most line is generally the best for evading brightness from the oncoming trucks and automobiles, and the right-most line is the worst. 

While doing that, remember that the leftmost line is also where the cars leave busy roads and highways. Stay mindful of other automobiles in front or behind you attempting to leave the lines.

● Check The Forecast

Severe weather conditions such as hail, snow, rain, and ice can compromise your motorcycle ride. Riding in these elements is dangerous for motorcyclists because your visibility is lower, and you have less traction. 

Select a different day to ride your motorcycle if stormy weather is in the forecast. If you are already stuck in the rain, look for shelter beneath a bridge until the rain stops.

● Be Visible

You can’t presume you are visible to other motorists. According to a report published in 1981, 75 percent of crashes involving bikes are owing to the fact that other motorists did not see the two-wheeler.

To stay visible on the road, you should circumvent the blind spots of other drivers and drive with your headlights on, even during the day. Besides, wear bright or reflective leather jackets for men and use your hand signals and turn signals.

● Educate Your Commuter

If someone is riding with you on your bike, they have a role to play in protecting both of you. Your passenger must have the proper gear. 

Like you, they must wear durable motorcycle leather jackets and shoes. Ensure your traveller knows not to distract you and what things like turning and halting on a motorcycle feel like, so they will not panic. 

If you are taking a young kid with you, check your state’s laws first. In several states, children must be over a specific age to ride on a two-wheeler’s back. 

● Trust Your Bike’s Mirrors, But Not Completely

Your motorcycle’s mirrors can be lifeguards, but they don’t forever convey the complete story, even if they are adjusted appropriately. 

In traffic, you should forever prop your mirror-generated back view with a peek over the correct shoulder. Do it swiftly, and you will include an added measure of a blind spot and back-view knowledge to your information-collecting tasks.

● Carry A Basic First-Aid Kit

Motorcycling with a first-aid kit is a smart idea in case of a minor injury. Some things you should carry with you include:

  • Gauze
  • Band-Aids
  • Bandages
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Hand sanitizer


Bike riding may be a lifestyle to some and a pastime to others. Nonetheless, we all commence in the same place. We begin by learning to ride a two-wheeler. 

Bike gear has several options to choose from, but having it should be top on your list of items you require to stay protected on your bike ride. 

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