Essential Tips And Tricks For Beginner Motorcycle Riders

Essential Tips And Tricks For Beginner Motorcycle Riders

Driving a two-wheeler is one of the most exhilarating activities that you will involve in. The ecstasy of moving confidently on a highway or making a sharp turn is a matchless feeling. 

As bike riding comes with loads of exhilaration and thrill, it is critical to always act according to the rules. This means adhering to the three T’s of bike riding. 

These T’s are techniques, tips, and tricks that offer you the finest experience as a motorcyclist. In today’s guide, we have put together a list of important tips and tricks that you require to ride safer and better.

Essential Tips And Tricks For Beginner Motorcycle Riders

If you are an apprentice motorcycle rider, here are the vital tips and tricks you must know to guarantee your early days on the bike are fun and safe.

Wear Appropriate Gear

Having the proper motorcycle gear is compulsory, but we frequently overlook it. As the old saying goes, it is necessary to dress for success. 

We recognize the significance of appropriate gear, but it is also critical to have appropriate fitting gear. A helmet that does not fit right will cause discomfort, leading to a loss of concentration. 

Losing your concentration is all it takes to drop your two-wheeler. In addition to a helmet, you must wear leather jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. 

Your gear must be comfortable both sitting and standing. Sometimes, an armor pad feels good in one position but will begin to bother in the other position.

Get Acquainted With Your Motorcycle

There are eight kinds of two-wheelers out there, from stately touring machines to supercharged sports motorcycles. Do the research and acquire the one that is right for you. 

Also, get acquainted with the maintenance routines needed for your specific model. A well-maintained motorcycle is necessary for road safety. Ensure the correct insurance covers your motorcycle.

Use Two Fingers To Hold The Clutch

Many seasoned and novice riders utilize four fingers when operating their bike clutch level. They don’t realize that two fingers are adequate to regulate the clutch level effectively. 

Controlling with four fingers has its uses, which include operating a heavy clutch pull and making a halt. Nevertheless, generally utilizing two fingers is an easy and comfortable option. 

Luckily, most contemporary motorcycles have a light clutch pull, so you won’t have much trouble regulating with two fingers. It will take a while if you are in the habit of using four fingers for every shift.

Keep Your Eyes Open

This is another vital beginner bike riding tip: presume the vehicle in front of you, behind you, and besides, you can’t see yourself. 

This simple yet effective practice will permit you to forever be prepared to take action. Keep in mind that if you are forever ready, you are never sorry. 

So, keep your eyes open to identify faulty maneuvers in other automobiles and think they are unaware of your presence.

Practice Hard Braking

Nobody might tell you this, but practicing harsh braking can save you from a difficult situation in the future. 

By practicing hard braking, you will be mindful of how much force to apply in such situations and the type of response to anticipate from your bike. 

Halting suddenly at high speed will affect your motorcycle’s balance and perhaps drop you off. 

Practicing harsh braking will aid you in comprehending the bike’s workings and the amount of force required to get it to stop swiftly and safely.

Avoid Multitasking

Just like in the automobile, distracted driving is a hazardous exercise, made even riskier owing to the two-wheeler’s manual nature. 

So, put your phone in the pocket of your motorcycle leather jacket and keep both hands on the handlebars and eyes straight on the road. 

Don’t Rev The Engine Unnecessarily

One of the most electrifying things for bike riders to do is rev their engine. Most motorcyclists rev their engines whenever they get a chance. 

The revving engine’s noise is cool, but doing it without any reason affects the engine in the long haul. This is something that most bikers don’t know; therefore, they are astonished when their engine gets impaired within a short period. 

If you aspire to increase your engine’s life and enjoy your bike for the long term, don’t rev the engine needlessly.

Keep Your Eyes Protected

Your eyes are not only important for motorcycling; they are also the only pair you will procure in this life. 

Not feeling the air in your face can be frustrating as you drive your bike on a warm summer day with your helmet on. 

However, leave that screen down and safeguard your eyes because you never know when a small insect can turn into a nightmare.

Take A Motorcycle Safety Riding Course

Taking a bike safety riding course is one of the key tips on our list for novice bike riders. You can learn many things from a course like this. 

A safety riding course is a class that lasts for one to three days. It comprises numerous hours of in-classroom work and actually practicing driving a two-wheeler with assistance from a trainer. 

The majority of riders can find it offered within 100 miles of where they reside, and the price ranges from $150 to $250. 

Taking a course while you are learning to drive a bike can lower your odds of a deadly accident by approximately 61%. Thus, taking the bike safety riding course is highly recommended.


Bike riding is a universal sport, a culture, and a lifestyle for many individuals around the globe. For most seasoned motorcyclists worldwide, the guidelines mentioned above have proved effective, aiding them in reveling in the best of this adventurous activity. 

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