Discover expert tips for cleaning leather jackets like a pro.

How to Clean Leather Jacket Like a Pro | Expert Tips

We all think that leather jackets are for cool people. At least, this is what Tom Cruise movies have taught us so far. We droll over it and want to style it with perfection, too. However, when you invest in them, you get to know that they are not quite cheap. So, preserving them in good quality for as long as possible is better. 

Moreover, you also want to save your Best Leather NY collection from any wear and tear. So, when you have it, be professional about it, and to help you, we will talk about the best ways to keep it clean. 

So, let’s start and learn how to clean a leather jacket!

How Can You Clean a Leather Jacket?

You might want to ask how to wash a leather jacket. But it is not advisable at all. Washing or soaking the leather jacket in water can cause serious damage. So, you need to look for simpler methods. Also, always look for instructions on the label. 

However, if you still want to know the process, here is a way to clean it:

  1. First, make a solution. Take warm water and add 2 drops of any dish soap or laundry detergent. 
  2. Dip the soft microfiber cleaning cloth in a solution. Wipe the soiled parts of the jacket with this cloth. 
  3. Take a dry cloth or just a damp one to clean the soap off the jacket. Rinse and repeat until it is clean. 
  4. Use a dry towel to clean the moisture from it. 
  5. At last, apply the leather conditioner to maintain its shiny quality. 

Expert Tips to Preserve Your Leather Jacket 

If you need some more tips, we have expert tips for you to follow and preserve your leather jacket for a long. 

  • Dry Brushing for Daily Dirt

Use a dry brush to clean the jacket. Yes, soft-bristled brushes are good for cleaning leather jackets. They can help remove any surface dust and dirt from your daily routine. As the leather of a jacket might be a delicate material, you must use the brush specifically designed for it. 

  • Spot-Cleaning for Stains

Stains are stubborn and should be handled immediately with the best cleaning approach. Take a clean cloth and dip it into the mind soap water solution. Avoid any excessive rubbing so you do not damage it permanently. 

  • Baking Soda Odor Neutralizer

Your jacket can often smell bad after the spills. If you want to fight these odors, you can take baking soda and sprinkle some inside the jacket. Let it stay for a night. It will absorb all the smell and brush off it from the checkout. Now, your jacket is smell-free.

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the oldest trick in the book. Usually, it is all about deep cleaning as it helps lift any embedded dirt from the jacket and make your jacket just new. Just remember to hold the steamer at a safe distance to avoid any excessive moisture. 

  • Conditioning for Suppleness

Always apply the best quality leather conditioner to keep the leather shiny and avoid the dryness of it. However, you might want to focus on areas that have more wear and tear. It can be elbows and cuffs mostly. So, evenly distribute the conditioner when applying. 

  • Weatherproofing for Protection

If you have a collection of leather jackets, you should always invest in a weatherproofing spray to protect your jacket from the outside elements. Just use it as per the given instructions and focus on the seam and zippers. 

  • Always Keep Your Leather Jacket Away from Sunlight

Keeping your leather jacket away from too much exposure to direct sunlight is better. You might think that how it is a problem. Well, it is not quite wrong only if you are traveling for some time and the jacket will only face short-term exposure. However, your jacket will fade if it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. It dims the color, and the shine of it disappears. 

  • Professional Maintenance Options

You can always consider professional maintenance services. They are experts and usually thorough about conditioning the jacket yearly. Most importantly, they know the texture of outfits and provide advanced cleaning methods. 

Bottom Line:

Always have the best cleaner when you have a good collection of leather jackets. Use the above cleaning tips to keep the collection as new as possible, and stop wondering how to clean a leather jacket

So, invest wisely and use the best products to keep it clean. Ultimately, it is about keeping your cool personality intact and enjoying everyday wear.

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