Why Do Motorcycle Riders Wear Chaps?

Why Do Motorcycle Riders Wear Chaps?

Motorcycle riding chaps are one of the recommended shielding apparel for riding a bike safely. 

They are often created from leather that inhibits you from obtaining abrasion injuries in case of a road accident. 

It also provides improved protection and has better survival ability if you fall off your two-wheeler. 

They are meant to be thrown on over pants. Motorcycle leather chaps cover the legs and keep them warm. 

Horse riders frequently wear them, but they are also very popular among motorcycle riders. 

Today, we will discuss what chaps are and why bikers wear chaps. So, let’s get started.

What Are Leather Chaps?

Motorcycle riding chaps were worn by folks who used to do horse riding for protection from friction or chafing. Nowadays, they are thrown on for the same purpose by equestrians, ranchers, and others who often ride horses. They have also become a staple for motorcyclists for leg protection and road rash from crashes or falls. In the vogue world, leather is a reliable option for anyone seeking a polished yet edgy appearance. Nevertheless, outside the fashion world, leather is notorious for its functional and practical properties and utilized by many whose jobs demand loads of manual labor outdoors. Leather chaps are useful while safeguarding the legs from external friction and other atmospheric factors. As they are manufactured from genuine leather, they tend to be quite costly, ranging from $100 to $300.

Why Do Bikers Wear Chaps?

Motorcyclists wear leather chaps for numerous reasons that are as follows:

Sufficient Protection

Of course, motorcycle riding chaps will provide you with the protection you require in the event of a crash. They offer the requisite defense and support for your legs and thighs, so they don’t undergo much while you are motorcycling. Furthermore, they serve as a barrier from water, oil, and other slippery stuff.

Maximum Lower Body Movement

Motorcycle leather chaps offer maximum body movement as they shield your legs from crashes. If you want to enjoy the benefit, avoid choosing chaps that will restrict your lower body, making it tough for you to move normally. Moving your lower body appropriately when riding a two-wheeler is essential; the right-fitting chaps will make your journey comfortable and secure.


Biker leather chaps are built to last a lifetime because they are made from durable substances such as leather. Nonetheless, you should always examine leather apparel before purchasing it since artificial leather chaps have recently flourished in the market. Leading motorcycle brands also manufacture their own protective gear. We recommend choosing your chaps from one of their clothing lines.

Serve Multiple Purpose

Motorcycle chaps are available in various designs, so you can pick one that can serve several purposes. For instance, you can buy chaps with zipper pockets that can hold a few of your valuable things while you are on the highway. Moreover, some chaps are specifically made for men and women, making you appear more stylish even as you safeguard yourself.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Another reason “why wear chaps on a motorcycle” is that they are lightweight and supremely comfortable to wear, especially when they fit you perfectly. They are usually made of soft and supple leather. With their leather built, you can put them on all day long. This will preclude you from wiggling around your seat while riding. To guarantee that you are purchasing the right chaps, always try and test one before procuring it.


On a freezing morning or night, people who don leather chaps know that it is like a permanent wind break on your lower body. They protect your legs from the rain, the wind, and other elements. Are they warm to wear when it’s hot outside? Not at all with the latest technology! They can diminish the warmth you feel from the engine in summer based on how they are made.


Are you still asking, “what is the advantage of biker chaps”? They are stylish and trendy. They offer you a distinctive appearance that is unavailable in traditional pants. If you are fed up with donning the same attires day after day, you should consider chaps. You can change your ensembles with riding chaps to create a unique look.

What are the Types of Motorcycle Chaps?

There are mainly three kinds of leather chaps. Here, we will converse about them in detail.

Non-Leather Chaps

If you don’t like leather, you can buy chaps made of other materials. Ballistic nylon is prevalent stuff that will offer you safety. They are not as warm as leather chaps. You can also find vinyl chaps that are inexpensive yet high-quality. They look like fake leather.

Full Leather Chaps

They cover your whole leg from the waist down to the ankle or even your boots’ bottom. They feature zippers or snaps extending your leg’s length so you can wear and remove them effortlessly. Full chaps are most commonly made of buffalo or cowhide. They come in many colors, but black and brown are the most popular.

Half Leather Chaps

Half leather chaps are ideal if you search for chaps extending from just below your knee to the ankle or your shoes’ bottom. They have snap buttons or zippers. Besides, you can also discover them with Velcro or lace-up designs for an accurate fit. They offer a similar level of security on the legs’ bottom half without being as warm as throwing on full motorcycle riding chaps. An excellent thing about them is that they take up less space in the saddlebag if you plan to remove them and store them.

What to Consider While Buying Biker Leather Chaps?

Now that you are aware of the purpose of wearing chaps, it is time to learn what to consider while purchasing chaps for your next road trip.


As mentioned earlier, chaps come in several materials. However, leather is the most prevalent material. When purchasing chaps, ensure that you are obtaining one created from genuine leather. They provide better protection and are more comfortable. They can be thicker, so they might take some time to break in. Thinner leather chaps are also of good quality. They are sturdy as thick leather chaps and better conform to the wearer’s body. If you want non-leather chaps, opt for abrasion-resistant substances. They must also be heavy-duty. If they boast zippers, double-check the quality.


Acquiring chaps in the correct size is difficult because they must fit over the pants you plan to wear while riding. It means the sizing will be larger than your regular clothing. You also have to check the size chart of each model because they all differ. For the right fit, look for adjustable chaps. They will aid you in getting a custom fit. Plan to trim your chaps’ bottom to the correct length. This is normal.


Another most important factor you should consider is the type of chaps. Which kind of chaps are you most comfortable donning? We recommend trying them on first to be certain. If you can, sit on your two-wheeler for some time to see if they are as comfortable during rides. Additionally, take into account the weather you are facing when riding. The sort of chaps you should be putting on can depend on this. If it’s winter, full chaps can offer you better warmth than half chaps. If it’s summer, you should buy half chaps.


Motorcycle riding chaps shield your lower body from injuries and pants from tearing while riding through difficult territories. They cover your entire leg, from the waist to the ankle or boot. While riding a motorcycle, nothing compares to leather for protection. Wearing a full leather suit or pants may be rather hot; thereby, how to wear chaps is the optimal solution. You can wear your favorite pants first, then your chaps.

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