How to Find the Perfect Motorcycle Body Armor for You?

How to Find the Perfect Motorcycle Body Armor for You?

Sometimes, no matter how frequently you inspect every single component of your motorbike before riding or how much you strive to ride securely, external elements such as highway hazards, irresponsible bikers on the road, and inclement weather will forever put you at the peril of an accident.

In a road crash, you are expected to get injured by the first impact with the earth or some solid entity.

We all prefer messy hair over a head injury and thus give value to a helmet rather than any other shielding gear. However, what about other parts of the body?

You need to wear full-body motorcycle armor to protect your whole body on the road.

Motorcycle body armor will safeguard all your impact points with shells, and you won’t have to deal with the heat and heaviness of a full motorcycle jacket with armor.

Besides, it will shield you from elements such as debris, the wind, the rain, and the sun.

In today’s guide, we will discuss why motorcycle armor is important, does motorcycle armor work, and how to find the best motorcycle armor for you

What is Motorcycle Body Armor?

It is motorbike protective equipment created from a blend of hard thermoplastic resins for the external shell and with heavy-duty foam linings to absorb shock and energy from the impact of an accident.

The foam liners are produced from groundbreaking compounds that can absorb huge amounts of energy from the impact and then recoil for a second impact. Fundamentally, there are two sorts of riding armor:

Strap-On Armor

These motorcycle body armor pads are designed to be worn on the body. They are most commonly utilized in track racing and off-road riding.

Replacement Armor

This motorcycle padding goes into armor pockets on pants and jackets, among other riding apparel. Replacement armor pad sets are made to improve the original armor pads of your gear.

Why is Motorcycle Armor Important?

Motorcycle armor wrap-up is any piece or part of riding protective gear for protection purposes.

It arrives in several forms such as the motorcycle vest protector, motorcycle jacket with armor, gloves, pants, suits, back protectors, and anything else that shields your bones and skin from disastrous occasions that could result from strains to permanent injuries involving bones and other body parts.

The materials utilized to manufacture the best motorcycle armor are elements that can provide abrasion resistance, such as high-density foam coupled with carbon fiber or Kevlar composite abrasion panels, which are outstanding forms of motorcycle armor to date.

They will provide abrasion and impact defense to all minor and major joints with the greatest impact potential in the event of a crash.

Does Motorcycle Armor Work?

Undoubtedly, full-body motorcycle armor that covers the body can provide a high level of safety to motorcyclists.

According to a study, riding armor substantially lowers the hazard of open wound injuries on the chest by 63%, legs by 59%, ankles by 90%, wrists and hands by 73%, and feet by 90%.

Protective gear empowers you to have protection against abrasion and impact that would manifest in deep wounds. Having motorcycle body armor under clothes could save numerous lives and injuries in crashes. You must wear it when you are on the highway.

Aside from physical safety, it can also give you mental peace. We all are aware that bike riding is extremely dangerous, but wearing body armor can make you feel secure and more confident on the highway.

What are the Types of Motorcycle Body Armors?

There are various types of body armor, but the most important articles of protective gear you must have are mentioned below.

Armored Jacket

The best motorcycle jacket with armor includes protection in parts such as the elbows, back, and shoulders.

They are crafted of mesh, leather, Kevlar, or textile and have snaps or straps for a customized fit.

Armored Vests

The motorcycle vest armor covers your chest and provides abrasion and impact protection for your torso and back. Nevertheless, it does not safeguard your arms. They feature a padded interior and a strong external shell.

Armored Pants

Armored pants are made of leather or textile and protect your hips, pelvis, knees, and legs. You can also wear padded shorts with armor beneath your pants to guard your hips.

Gloves And Boots

Gloves protect your hands, wrists, and fingers. They are also remarkable for winter weather conditions. On the other hand, boots save you from having injuries to your feet and ankles.

Other Armor

You can wear a back armor pad, shoulder armor pad, and elbow armor pad over or under your shirts. Racers commonly use them.

What Aspects to Consider when Purchasing Motorcycle Body Armor?

Selecting motorcycle full body armor is more than just discovering the good-looking garment that can make you seem rebellious and fashionable on the highway.

There are many critical aspects that you need to consider while buying body armor. Some of the factors are listed below:


Wearing full-body motorcycle armor is ideal for inhibiting injuries in a crash. Nevertheless, it is not forever practical. Each piece of bike gear can cost a hefty amount, so if you can only afford to buy one piece of motorcycle gear other than a helmet, your next choice should be a motorcycle jacket with armor.

It will adequately cover your torso. Safeguarding your torso is essential because the spinal column and other important organs are located. You could lose your life if you injured your spine or other organs during the crash.


The best motorcycle body armor is manufactured of a substance that provides ventilation so you don’t get too hot.

Most motorcycle armor wrap-up boasts mesh that makes it breathable and supremely comfortable. Also, it offers impact protection.

Weather Protection

Motorcycle padding is a serious investment for bikers. It should shield you from injury in an assortment of weather conditions.

This will include gear for motorcycling in cold weather, warm weather, and rain. Moreover, gloves and winter apparel are crucial for riding in freezing weather. Make sure to inquire about particular gear requirements before buying.


Brands use a wide range of fasteners, from laces, Velcro, and zippers, to snaps. Select adjustable closures at the neck and wrists. Though Velcro closures work efficiently anywhere else but avoid it at your neck, it clasps on helmet straps and destroys the material.

Stay away from laces on shoes unless they have an additional covering to preclude snagging. Velcro makes shoes easy to wear and remove while offering a snug fit.


When picking motorcycle vest armor, you must ensure that it fits snugly and does not move around.

The pocket for the back motorcycle vest protector should be big enough to accommodate the back armor. It is better to buy a jacket or vest in a hue that matches your two-wheeler.


The best riding armor for bikes is CE-certified. It stands for Conformité Européene. However, in English, it stands for European Conformity.

A European protection standard measures how much energy riding armor can absorb.

Most international manufacturers that provide bike gear to the international market label their armor with this rating to specify that their items conform to European bike protection standards.

There are three motorcycle armor CE ratings that you need to be mindful of:

CE Tested: It means that the brand tested the body armor according to CE standards in their facility. However, it does not mean the motorcycle armor passed CE criteria.

CE Certified: It means body armor is tested in CE-recognized facilities. Nonetheless, it means that either only specific parts of armor were tested or only certain details were approved.

CE Approved: It means that the whole armor was tested in CE-recognized facilities, and all parts of the armor passed CE criteria.

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Bike riding exposes you to extreme threats and climate variations and demands complete attention and physical ability. Fortunately, motorcycle body armor is available that can protect you in an accident, diminish fatigue, and keep you comfortable in any weather condition. It is essential for motorcycle riders.

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Our protective clothing provides flexibility, comfort, and incredible impact protection.

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