10 Best Leather Jackets for Motorcycle Riding

10 Best Leather Jackets for Motorcycle Riding

Every biker needs at least one biker leather jacket. Riding a two-wheeler exposes you to the hazards of the highway and leaves you at the mercy of the weather. 

The best leather jackets for motorcycles act like a type of armor for your upper body against elements and impact in case of an accident or fall. 

They provide the defense you require while seeming fashionable enough that you don’t fear taking them out of your wardrobe. They are durable, comfortable, flexible, and versatile. 

In today's blog post, we'll share a list of the 10 most incredible motorcycle leather jackets for men and women. We will also enlighten you about what to consider when purchasing a riding jacket for your next road trip. 

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10 Best Leather Jackets for Motorcycle Riding

1. Serpent - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Serpent - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Serpent is a trendy leather article for cruisers and café racers alike. The high-quality materials and sturdy built will aid it in lasting through several years and miles of motorcycling. It has a distinctive look and arrives with all of the creature comforts you could desire.

It is manufactured from 1.1-1.2mm diamond naked cowhide for resilient abrasion resistance. Furthermore, it features zippered underarm vents, perforated action back, two vented chest pockets, and two zippered slash pockets. It is impeccable outerwear to style with a white t-shirt, black jeans, and black leather boots.


2. Street Smart - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Street Smart - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Street Smart is a premium quality biker leather jacket manufactured from 1.1-1.2mm drum dye naked cowhide, which is both tremendously protective and buttery-soft.

It boasts armored pockets for CE-rated armor. It has zippered sleeves with gussets, a center zipper, two zippered chest pockets, and two zippered slash pockets.

Moreover, it includes an insulated zip-out thermal liner. It is made for the road yet fashionable enough to work at a party or the office.


3. Fast Saga - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Fast Saga - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

If you are seeking a leather jacket that can do it all, reach for the Fast Saga motorcycle leather jacket. It is created from a 1.2-1.3 drum dye naked cowhide and features a snap-down lapel, collar, epaulets, and asymmetrical zipper.

It has many pockets for plenty of storage space. It is the perfect outerwear to throw on when you require a reliable finishing touch for a motorbike ride.

Also, it boasts a kind of classic profile that is flattering on any man. Style it with black jeans and a grey t-shirt for a badass look.


4. Gamer - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Gamer is one of the best motorcycle leather jackets that are seamless for summer and winter riding.

It is simple and effective in its style and function. It is crafted from 1.3-1.4mm platinum naked cowhide leather, which is durable and supple.

Additionally, it comes with an insulated zip-out thermal liner, blacked-out zippers and hardware, and armored pockets for CE-rated armor. It will look exceptional with blue jeans and scuffed-up black boots. We recommend sizing down in this one if you want the perfect fit.   


5. Mortal - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Mortal is the ideal choice if you are hunting for an effortlessly cool-looking jacket that seems more like a vogue product than a serious jacket. It is sturdy, rugged, and will shield you in a crash. It is made from 1.1-1.2mm drum dye naked cowhide for a functional and flexible feel.

Inside, it has an insulated zip-out thermal liner. Additionally, it features side relief zippers, perforated action back, YKK zippers, and a reflective skull design on the upper back, chest, and shoulders. Mortal is a bit expensive jacket, but it will take care of you if you have a fall.


6. Lagertha - Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The style of the Lagertha motorcycle leather jacket will draw you in, and the features such as asymmetrical zipper front, collar, and the wind-resistant shell will keep you riding.

Packed with excellent protection, the Lagertha is made for comfort, safety, and performance. It is optimal for female bikers looking for race-level performance and style with immense comfort.

It delivers daily riding relief. This leather jacket has long sleeves, adjustable zipper cuffs, a distressed design, and five pockets for storage purposes. It is produced from lambskin leather, so it is ultra-soft.


7. Aslaug - Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Aslaug is one of the best leather jackets for women, keeping them warm and comfortable while providing exceptional protection and an astonishing amount of storage.

It comes with armor pockets on the back, shoulders, and elbows. It supports your neck and spine and provides defense to vital organs. Also, it balances the body in the occurrence of a crash. This scooter-style jacket with a banded collar and centered zipper is built from drum dye naked cowhide leather.

The beautiful and durable jacket will instantly boost your confidence. Best of all, it will look outstanding with all your favorite style staples.


8. Wonder girl - Women's Motorcycle Lightweight Leather Jacket

Having a leather jacket that matches you and your two-wheeler’s personality is what we all try for in making a purchase.

The wonder girl is a tough leather motorcycle jacket manufactured from 0.8-0.9mm sheep diamond, which is heavy-duty and soft.

This jacket will break in faster. It comes with two vertical chest vents, two zippered slash pockets, and one patch pocket for storage purposes. It also includes an insulated cream-colored zip-out thermal liner and CE Level-2 armor pockets.


9. Harper - Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Harper leather jacket offers casual wear in a traditional design. It is crafted from lambskin leather with asymmetrical zipper closure, long sleeves, a wind-resistant shell, three exterior pockets, and two interior pockets for storage.

Besides, it has a polyester liner and is available in autumn, sangria, and Oxblood colors. This leather outerwear will look fantastic on and off the motorbike


10. Astrid - Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Astrid is a masterpiece in an efficient and sleek design. It is made from .07-.08mm naked cow leather, which is extremely durable and strong.

It boasts an insulated zip-out thermal liner, side lace with spandex stretch, and an adjustable belt with loops. This motorcycle-style jacket has a collar, snap-down lapel, epaulets, and asymmetrical zipper.

You can pair it with skinny black jeans, a white tee, and sneakers to rock a concert. This outerwear exudes authenticity and tough style.


How to Purchase the Best Leather Jackets for Bike Riding?

Below are the most important elements you should consider while buying leather jackets.

· Structure

One leather outerwear is not appropriate and fit for every sort of ride. Just like there are various bikes for sports, cursing, and adventure, there are numerous different jackets for these rides.

When purchasing a leather coat, make sure to select the correct kind of jacket for your ride.

Doing a little research, you can easily discover a specific jacket for your kind of riding style.

· Comfort

Comfort is another crucial factor to consider when buying a jacket. The coat should not distract you while riding.

Countless jackets are available in the market, but you should opt for a protective and comfortable one.

Ensure the jacket is not too bulky, does not feel heavy, and does not limit your movement.

Moreover, it should be soft without any itching of the neck or any other area. It will be amazing if it is water-resistant or waterproof.

· Primary Construction

Another vital aspect that determines the efficiency and quality of the best summer riding jacket is its primary construction.

Mesh fabrics, textiles, and perforated leathers are the most commonly used materials in this section.

All these materials allow sufficient airflow and provide solid security on the road.

Recently, the use of proprietary constructions such as Cordura, Dyneema-infused materials, and custom-made mesh constructions has increased.

They offer abrasion resistance that is on the same level as leather hides.

· Venting

Leather can get excessively hot, so you should look for a jacket with enough venting.

Generally, leather jackets have mesh inserts or zippered vents that you can open and close. Expensive jackets can also have perforated panels that allow the air to flow and don’t sacrifice safety.

Mesh vents feel cooler while driving, but they sacrifice protection. Look for vents that are positioned on the back, arms, and front chest. This will generate a flow of air through the outerwear.


So, these are the 10 best leather jackets for motorbike riding for men and women.

They are lightweight, durable, and soft. They will make you feel confident and comfortable while driving. If you are looking for a stylish and long-lasting leather jacket, you can rely on Best Leather NY. We have a wide range of leather jackets for every age, gender, skin tone, lifestyle, and body type.

Lifetime warranties back up our jackets. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your leather jacket from our store at an affordable price and enjoy free shipping.

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