How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Leather Jacket? Embrace freshness

How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Leather Jacket? Embrace freshness

Leather jackets are, without a doubt, known to be a timeless fashion statement. Both men and women have been seen styling with leather jackets. It protects you from winter winds and gives you a fashionable look for your biking events and races, too. All in all, this is never going to go outdated. You might often think of packing them or giving them away, but you always come back in a few days. However, these jackets might develop a foul odor over time, reducing their overall appeal. A nasty odor originating from your leather jacket can be inconvenient.

Regular cleaning, appropriate storing, and following care recommendations can help keep your leather jacket smelling fresh and delightful for years to come.

Remember that a well-maintained leather jacket for women and men looks wonderful and feels amazing!

In this article, we will help you walk through basic cleaning tips and the ways to get the smell out of a leather jacket. 

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So, How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Leather Jacket? 

Spilling or just storing your leather jacket for too long can result in a strange smell. So, the answer to how to get odor out of the leather jacket, you can try the ways below:

  • Let It Air Out

The main thing that you can do is hang the leather jacket right away. It helps with the proper ventilation and clear the bad air. Just remember to hang it in the most ventilated place. It is one of the most effective techniques for getting rid of the strange scent. 

With this, air travels through the jacket; however, if you hang it near the kitchen, it might catch sunlight, and the damage will be permanent. Moreover, heat from the cooking can also damage the finishing of your jacket. Choose a good location near a window without direct sunlight and give it a proper time to remove the scent. 

  • Use a Household Deodorizer

The simplest solution is to go to the store and purchase a spray bottle of air freshener. Air freshener is the type of product that can work wonders for you. Just imagine if it can take away the smell from a room; why can’t it take it away from a jacket? Just spray it and give it a few hours, and you will get a fresh smell from your jacket. 

You can spray it outside or inside the jacket as much as you want, but not until someone gets fizzy with too much of it. Give time to absorb and be done. Let it dry for some time, and you can wear it again. 

  • Baking Soda – Your Deodorizing Agent

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer considered effective and safe for removing unpleasant odors from your outerwear. However, avoid direct contact with the jacket since this may discolor the leather.

Place your jacket in a large zip-top bag with an open box or a cup filled with baking soda. Close the bag and leave it overnight. The next day, remove your jacket and shake it thoroughly to eliminate any powder residue.

You may also try using activated charcoal in the same way, as it is another great odor absorber.

  • Leather Conditioner

Your leather jacket stinks? Well, try a leather conditioner. It is easy and simple to apply if you have the right product. 

Begin by wiping the surface of the jacket using a moist cloth to remove dirt and debris.

Apply leather conditioner. Remember to use a leather conditioner specifically designed for use on garments. Read the label instructions attentively and follow them while applying the conditioner to the leather jacket.

Wait for the leather conditioner to sit on the jacket for the prescribed duration, usually 10-15 minutes. This allows the conditioner to enter the leather and neutralize any scents trapped inside it. After that, use a clean, moist cloth to remove any remaining conditioner. Make sure to wipe the cloth throughout the jacket surface to ensure that the conditioner is properly dispersed.

Finally, place the jacket in a well-ventilated area and let it dry entirely. Avoid exposing the leather to direct heat or sunshine, as this can cause it to dry and fracture.

  • Using Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal may be the most effective solution for your leather jacket odor and can be the best, too. So, how to remove the smell from a leather jacket by using it? All you need to do is purchase one and place activated charcoal in a porous bag or pouch, like a cotton pillowcase or cheesecloth. Place the bag beneath or near your leather item so that the charcoal may absorb any aromas in the vicinity. Allow the charcoal to sit for at least 24 hours before removing it from the bag or pouch, being careful not to shake any dust particles into the air.

Then, set your leather item in a well-ventilated area, such as outside or near an open window, to allow it to dry more quickly. Hang your leather item to air out until all scents have been removed. This can take up to 48 hours.

When your leather item is completely dry and free of odors, use a premium leather conditioner to keep it looking nice and protect it from additional harm. To achieve the best results, follow the product instructions. 

How Long Does It Take for Leather To Stop Smelling?

The time it takes for the smell of leather to fade is determined by some factors, including the type of leather, the tanning process employed, and storage conditions.

It can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks for the odor to disappear. However, strong or disagreeable odors may take longer to fade.

You can accelerate the process by exposing the leather to fresh air and sunlight, as well as utilizing odor-absorbing materials like baking soda, activated charcoal, or white vinegar. 

Placing the leather item in a well-ventilated location, such as an open window or a breezy veranda, will also assist. 

However, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or high temperatures, as these can damage the leather. With patience and proper care, the odor of the leather should progressively dissipate over time.

How to Maintain a Leather Jacket?

You should clean your jacket or purse once or twice a year (depending on how frequently you wear or use it). Unsurprisingly, we recommend using the best foam cleanser (for aniline and Nappa, suede and nubuck, or sheepskin), specifically intended to gently clean our natural finish leathers. 

Alternatively, you can use warm water with a little soap. Using a soft sponge or lint-free cloth, gently rub the foam cleanser or soap into the unclean spot or across the entire jacket or bag in gentle, circular strokes. You shouldn't require much. After that, gently dab your jacket or bag with a dry cloth. 

We always advocate cleaning your leather jacket or bag yourself rather than using dry cleaners. If you have to hire a dry cleaner, look for one specializing in leather and sheepskin. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have the answer to how you get a musty smell out of leather. These are just a few ways, if you look deeper, you will find a lot more ways for it. As you look for cleaning methods, you might also want to add some new leather jacket collections to your wardrobe. If yes, Best Leather NY has got you covered. We have some of the best ones exclusively reserved for you. Shop now and start looking cool again. 

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