Women’s Guide: How to Wear a Scarf With a Leather Jacket

Women’s Guide: How to Wear a Scarf With a Leather Jacket

Ages have passed, and we still adore leather jackets for women a lot. No doubt that they have been one of the timeless pieces in clothing. It brings both style and classiness. 

On top of it, if you pair them with the scarf, it adds to its elegance and makes you look like a fashion queen, too. As a woman, we have admired Emily from the Netflix show as she styled a scarf with a leather jacket quite well when in France. 

Yes, the inspiration is not new, but we can always give it a fresh look with our own style. So, whether you want a chic look or a sexy one for a special event, we can help you style a scarf with a leather jacket in this article.

When is the right time to Use a Scarf?

A scarf has various uses. A lightweight scarf can be used to insulate and protect your head or draped over yourself to make your outfit stand out. Scarves with women's fashion jackets are often ideal for the two main seasons.


During the summer, many individuals cover their necks and heads with scarves. They normally choose a lightweight one made of cotton or silk.


Knitted or wool scarves are excellent and even necessary for insulation during the winter. It is intended to provide additional comfort to the wearer.

Different Ways to Wear a Scarf With a Leather Jacket -

To dress up the leather jacket, you can wear a multicolored scarf (depending on the jacket). You can go by wrapping a large scarf over your neck, with the corners lying down. This style will keep you warm and cozy. 

A grey or white scarf will improve your fashion game with substantially less effort, resulting in a beautiful and simple look for both day and nighttime events. But what are the other ways? Let's find out.


To achieve the casual look, pair slim denim jeans with classic leather boots. Wrap your scarf over your neck to provide the necessary warmth. Wear a light-colored top with an open-closure fashion jacket for women. This will heighten the sassy look nicely.

Office Casual:

An office outfit will fall somewhere between formal and casual, so office casual is ideal. Layer a full-sleeved top, a skirt, a jacket, and a traditional coiled scarf. Wear some high heels to complete the look and exude a sexy feminine mood.

Street Style:

The street style consists of a leather jacket and leather pants. This will give you a glam look. Layer your look with a long blouse, a wool sweater, leather slacks, and traditional high-heeled boots.

Different Techniques of Scarf Knots on a Leather Jacket

Crossover Knot:

Choose a crossover knot for a timeless style. Cross the ends of your scarf over and tuck one end up through the gap. Pull both ends tightly to hold the knot in place. Then, let the scarf's ends hang down over your jacket. 

This helps to highlight the scarf and produces a fantastic casual look. This method works best with long scarves because there is more cloth to hang down over the jacket.

Wrap a Scarf Around the Neck:

For a comfortable look, wrap a large scarf over your neck and wear a puffy jacket. Large, wide, and thick scarves look fantastic with jackets. 

For a stylish streetwear style, pair your favorite durable, thick, or puffy jacket with an oversized scarf. To obtain this look, simply wrap the scarf over your neck.

Crossover Technique:

Use the crossover technique to brighten up a formal jacket. Wrap the scarf around your neck, then cross it loosely at the end. 

Then, button up your jacket to keep the scarf in place. This looks fantastic with suit jackets since the scarf provides color to the top of the suit jacket.

Bottom Line 

Finally, you need only the right combination of Scarf and Leather Jacket that will go smoothly with your personality. Simply make a good combination and style like you own the streets of New York. 

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