How to Wear Leather Vest?

How to Wear Leather Vest?

Motorcycle leather vests are iconic apparel highly popular among superstars, influencers, and laypeople as a unique way to seem great. 

They have amazingly made their place in the vogue world like leather coats and jackets. 

They are made of genuine leather, such as calfskin, sheepskin, lambskin, cowhide, etc. 

Leather vests are sleeveless and are used to cover the wearer’s upper body. They are easier to match and extremely comfortable and stylish. 

If you are seeking to acquire ideas about how to wear a leather motorcycle vest, you have come to the correct place. 

They are versatile garments that can help grab everyone’s attention wherever you go; just choose the right outerwear to uplift your persona. 

In this guide, we will share the 23 most eye-catching and chic leather vest outfit ideas for men and women.

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How to Wear a Leather Motorcycle Vest?

There are countless ways to style leather outerwear. The crucial pointer is to let the outfit look stunning upon you.

Leather Vest with a Burgundy Buttoned A-Line Skirt

Keep your look simple and cool by coupling burgundy and black. 

Wear a leather vest with a burgundy buttoned A-line skirt, black top, and ankle boots to look fashionista.    

Leather Vest with a Bodycon Dress

A motorcycle leather outerwear over a bodycon dress is the impeccable blend of street style with a girlish allure. 

You can go monochrome or spice up your appearance with a green or blue leather vest over a black bodycon dress. 

Opt for snakeskin or beige ankle boots, a long necklace piece, and sunglasses for a refined and sleek look.  

Leather Vest with a Pale Pink Chiffon Blouse

This ensemble truly has a feminine touch in it. For the top, you can don a pale pink chiffon blouse with a black moto leather outerwear. 

Combine them with a pair of skinny blue jeans and black ankle strap open toe heels to look trendy and graceful.

Leather Vest with a Shift Dress

A shift dress looks fascinating with a leather vest. They have a laidback feel to them. 

And when you pair them with leather vests, they bring a distinctive downtown magnetism to the table. 

With curled hair, round-frame sunglasses, and ankle boots, you are fully prepared to slay.  

Leather Vest with Leather Pants

If you want to flaunt an energetic look, you can team your leather vest with leather pants. 

The leather-leather combination is sporadic but quite beautiful. It is enormously prevalent among female bike riders. 

However, you don’t need to be piloting a two-wheeler to seem attractive. 

The leather-leather grouping will make you seem gorgeous regardless of where you are----at a party or on the motorcycle.  

Leather Vest with a Striped Dress

The temperature rises when you combine a striped dress with a leather vest. 

Striped dresses have an innocent and adorable vibe to them. And to stabilize this, you can take advantage of a leather vest. 

You look hot and dazzling when you throw on a leather vest with a striped dress.

Leather Vest with a Bohemian Dress

Bohemian dresses are creating a buzz in the fashion world. They can make you look striking. 

Nonetheless, with leather outerwear, they can simply up your style game. 

Various varieties of boho dresses are available in the market, so you can effortlessly find the perfect one for you. 

Wear the leather vest with a bohemian dress and white sneakers for an easy-going look.

Leather Vest with a Sweater

If you intend to style the leather vest on cool summer days, you can wear a green sweater underneath it. 

A pair of skinny jeans is forever an excellent choice for casual Friday year-round. 

The green sweater will add a pop of hue to the neutral look of the black vest.

Leather Vest with a White Shirt

This energizing ensemble makes clever use of layers. To create this look, you can put on a white button-up shirt with a leather vest. 

Couple them with a pair of blue printed slim-fit jeans. For the footwear, go for black leather ankle shoes to conclude the getup.  

Leather Vest with a Checkered Shirt

Being a motorcyclist, you should never compromise your safety and appearance. Therefore, you need something attractive to swap your leather jacket. 

A vest is a remarkable replacement and also functions as a shield against abrasion, dirt, and wind. 

You can pull on leather outerwear over a checkered shirt and a pair of black regular-fit jeans. 

Pair them with black lace boots. These things together will give you a flawless look in the season.

Brown Leather Vest with a Black Tee

No matter whether you are a motorcyclist or not but unquestionably, you require an unruffled vibe style of outfit to inspire others. 

A brown leather vest with a black tee and black shades is a simple yet trendy casual wear for men to make a spine-tingling appearance.

Leather Vest with a Denim Shirt and Hoodie

If you want to look sophisticated, you can wear a leather vest with a denim shirt and hoodie. 

It seems great over a pair of black or darker brown jeans by pairing with black Chelsea boots.

Leather Vest with Grey Wide Leg Cropped Pants

If you desire to produce a simple yet fashionable outfit that has a girlish touch, you can style a leather vest with a white sleeveless top to look slim and tall. 

Wrap up this attractive look with high-waisted grey wide-leg cropped pants and black ballet heels.

Leather Vest with a Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is a supremely modish and casual outfit that is ultra-easy to carry off. 

For the top, you can don a black and white striped long sleeve tee with black biker leather outerwear. Team them with dark blue slim-fit jeans and white sneakers or black ankle boots to look striking.  

Leather Vest with Skinny Trousers and Nude High Heels

Throwing on a leather vest to the office is a bit difficult. 

If you are willing to play safe and don’t aspire to risk your style sense, you can wear a leather vest with a turtleneck shirt and skinny trousers. 

Pair them with nude high heels and a clutch envelope.

Leather Vest with a Cream Blouse

This ensemble won't disappoint if you are looking for a girly outfit for date night. 

Wear a black leather vest with a cream blouse, pleated midi skirt, and platform boots to give the impression that you are a cool and confident lady.

Leather Vest with a Sunday Dress

You can make your Sunday dress work for chilly weather by wearing it with your favorite leather vest combined with boots.

Leather Vest with Ripped Jeans

We all love to rock ripped skinny jeans. Well, how about teaming them with a black long-sleeved top and a white leather vest for a chic look. 

Finish off this comfortable and stylish getup with ankle boots or knee-high black boots.

Leather Vest with Printed Jeans

How to wear leather vest looks fancy and classy. A black leather vest with a pair of printed skinny jeans, a loose button-down shirt, and black leather boots is definite to look astonishing.

Leather Vest with A Black Mini Skirt

If you want your long legs to grab some attention, you can pull on a black leather mini skirt, white knit sweater, and a black motorcycle leather vest. Conclude this dazzling look with black stockings and black leather ankle boots. 

This outfit will make you look ladylike and sophisticated at the same time.

Leather Vest with A Printed Tee

Throw on a black leather vest over a printed tee to form a youthful ensemble. 

Finish off this attire with a pair of black leather pants and black ankle strap open-toe heels.

Leather Vest with Mini Shorts 

If you are hunting for a casual look, you can don a white print tee with a large-sized black motorcycle leather vest. 

Couple them with grey mini shorts and white sneakers to make this a casual street look.

Leather Vest with an Infinity Scarf

You can put on a black leather vest over a white chunky ribbed knit sweater to make your dress look cozy. 

Wear a black infinity scarf, black leather pants, and ankle boots to conclude the ensemble elegantly.


So, here are 23 smart ways of how to wear leather vest. Give these leather vest outfit ideas a shot and see if you can magnify your dress game.

Stay tuned with us for more interesting information regarding leather jackets and vests!

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