How To Differentiate Between Leather Jackets & Vegan Jackets | Top 8 Tips

How To Differentiate Between Leather Jackets & Vegan Jackets | Top 8 Tips

When we are on a shopping spree, we often forget to look for the quality of things. We buy and consume only for the sake of shopping. So, healthy shopping is always about shopping with purpose and choosing the premium quality of things. 

We are especially talking about the purchase of a leather jacket, which has to be original or could be vegan also. But quality should be considerable in both the cases. 

Yes, vegan leather is often more affordable and a good choice for short-term wear, but not for legacy. As far as we know, leather jackets are supposed to be a legacy. 

So, when shopping for one, always know how to differentiate between leather jackets and vegan jackets.

Knowing how to recognize a genuine leather jacket will help you make an informed decision and guarantee you get the quality and style you want. In this article, we will discuss 8 methods to tell the difference between an original and a vegan leather jacket. 

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Key Differences between Genuine Leather and Vegan Leather Jackets - How to Distinguish

When shopping for leather jackets, keep the below 8 tips for distinguishing leather and vegan jackets.

  • Test it Through the Scent 

You can tell the difference between a genuine and a fake leather jacket by smelling it. Although both genuine and vegan leather have distinct odors, this does not negate the fact that they have distinct odors from one another. 

Real leather has a natural, woodsy odor, while vegan leather has a pungent odor reminiscent of the chemicals employed in its production. The scent is one of the variables that can help you decide on the type of jacket you want to buy for yourself.

  • Touch and feel

Good real leather is always somewhat warm and supple to the touch. If it feels too smooth and plastic-like, it is imitation leather.

If you want to compare the two, go to only reputed clothing stores because they have a vast selection of both real and synthetic leather, allowing you to readily compare the two. 

  • Look at the Price

Real leather jackets are usually more expensive than vegan leather jackets. If you come across a jacket that appears too good to be true in terms of price, it could be manufactured from vegan leather. Remember that the real leather is worth the price. 

  • Put it Through the Water Test

Test it with a few droplets of water to see how well the piece is preserved. Not only does it demonstrate whether the piece is made of genuine material, but it may also fully display the outfit that you have chosen for yourself after spending so much money. 

The leather fabric has many pores, so if it is genuine, it will absorb water, but synthetic or vegan materials will resist it all over the place. This demonstrates which of them is genuine and which is not.

  • Check Edges

If you've ever used genuine leather, you'll know what to look for. Vegan leather edges usually have rough roundness and coarse edges, just like genuine leather. However, vegan leather edges appear smooth and faultless.

Some producers try to smooth the edges, but the genuine leather is still unmistakable. 

  • Fire Test

You should only take this test if you have the product at home because it is quite sensitive. Pick up the leather's edge and attempt to seal it with fire. If you smell burning plastic, it's 100% vegan leather; otherwise, it's natural.

We propose that you take other tests instead of this one, as it is only for knowledge and is not appropriate for common people. 

  • Check The Label

Checking the label is one of the quickest and simplest ways to determine if leather is genuine or counterfeit. Genuine leather should be indicated as such. 

Vegan leather items should be labeled with the materials used. Anything classified as bonded leather, PU leather, vegan leather, synthetic leather, or any of the other terms listed above is not real. 

Remember that genuine leather is frequently utilized to make something appear to be real leather when, in fact, the item contains a cheaper kind of leather as well as other binders and materials.

  • Check the Back of the Leather

If possible, check the back of the leather. If it is fake or vegan leather, the back could look like paper or fabric. 

The back side of genuine leather is often somewhat different in color from the completed side. It can be either smooth or rough, but it will not resemble paper or any other form of material.

Bottom Line

So, shop for the best if you want it to last longer and pass it on to your loved ones for the legacy. Now, if you don’t want to end up with a fake leather jacket, let the Best Leather NY be at your assistance. 

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