8 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

8 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

Whether on the motorway or street, safely riding a two-wheeler demands appropriate safety gear that provides solid protection against impacts and abrasions.

Nonetheless, many motorcycle jackets available in the market lack the ventilation required to lend them to piloting in summer.

Many leading motorcycle gear brands have recognized this long-held problem and have started manufacturing breathable and lightweight motorcycle leather jacket for warm weather.

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8 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer for Men And Women

1. Adventure Racing Summer Jacket

Adventure Racing Summer Jacket


The adventure racing summer jacket boasts a TPU protector on the reflective and shoulders.

It has a waterproof liner membrane with sealing tape. Its soft shell offers a breathable, windproof, and waterproof fit for motorcyclists.

Besides, in the collar, moisture-repellent material is utilized for supreme comfort.

For protection, this best summer riding jacket comes with EVA removable protection level 1 and 2 approved on the back, elbow, and shoulder.

Also, it has CE approved protector by RICOtest Italy and a removable chest protector.

2. Mad Max - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket (Antique Brown)

Mad Max is adaptable outerwear exclusively designed for scorching weather.

This coat permits the air to flow liberally, keeping you cool while piloting your bike. It has armor pockets for CE-rated armor.

Other noteworthy features of this leather jacket include mesh interior liner, YKK zippers, and Kevlar reinforcements on elbows and shoulders.

On the other hand, it comes with adjustable belts, chest and back vents, two chest pockets, a banded collar, and a center zipper.

All in all, this is unquestionably warm weather jacket to consider.


3. Eagle - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Eagle is one of the best motorcycle jackets for summer. It is created from 0.8-0.9mm sheep Dutch leather, which is extremely durable and soft.

This lightweight jacket beats the summer heat with incomparable cooling and versatility.

It has a scooter style with a center zipper and a single snap-banded collar.

Moreover, it comes with two zippered vented chest pockets and two zippered slash pockets for storage purposes.

This outerwear features an insulated zip-out thermal liner for your comfort. It offers a body-hugging fit and also has armor pockets.


4. Vengeance - Men's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Vengeance is another fantastic lightweight summer motorcycle jacket explicitly made for hot weather rides.

It allows the air to flow freely, so you can comfortably ride during roasting summer. It has armor pockets for CE-rated armor and YKK zippers.

Also, it boasts underarm gussets and grommets, side relief zippers, and perforated action back.

It is manufactured from high-quality and lightweight cowhide leather.

Additionally, the Vengeance leather jacket has two zippered chest pockets, two buttoned slash pockets, and two concealed carry pockets so that you can store your belongings in them.  


5. Serula Textile Racing Jacket

Serula textile racing jacket keeps you cool on warm days. The moisture-wicking substance in the collar provides maximum comfort to the wearer.

Furthermore, it has Dublan, 2500-D heavy fabric stretchable panels, and a waterproof liner membrane with sealing tape.

Its external shell is made according to MAX Tec 600-D and 1000-D. This coat comes with a stuff and mobile pocket, adjustable sleeve, and waist.

The neoprene collar and cuff have an auto-lock zipper. It has reflective details on the sleeves, front, and back for night vision.


6. Sansa Princess - Women's Motorcycle Lightweight Leather Jacket

Sansa princess is a premium quality leather jacket that has an insulated zip-out thermal liner for your comfort.

The outerwear boasts military stripes patch detail on shoulder and forearm and back, elbow and shoulder armor pockets.

It stays true to size and is made from sheep diamond leather.

This lightweight summer motorcycle jacket promises air circulation to cool your body.

It has a scooter style with five snap closures, an asymmetrical zipper, and a double snap banded collar.


7. Trish - Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

This heavy-duty and abrasion-resistant motorcycle leather jacket offers supreme airflow for your summer rides.

It is produced from lambskin leather, which is tremendously soft, lightweight, and sturdy.

In addition, it comes with a polyester lining, wind-resistant shell, four pockets, and antiqued zipper accents with a contrasting color.

It is available in five sizes (XS to 5XL) and hits just below the waist. You can take advantage of it to add a fashionable touch to an outfit.


8. Zoey - Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Zoey leather jacket permits the air to circulate freely between its fibers, keeping you comfortable and cool in almost any heat.

It is crafted from lambskin leather, so you can be certain that it is long-lasting, durable, and suppler.

It has a polyester lining, long sleeves, asymmetrical zipper front, and gold-tone hardware.  

It offers reliable protection for long rides in volatile weather conditions, especially sweltering heat. You can rely on it to add a sleek look to any outfit.


What to Consider When Buying the Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer?

Below are the seven most critical factors to take into account when purchasing a jacket for hot weather.

· Visibility

Visibility is an essential factor that most people often neglect.

Selecting high-visibility outerwear can protect your life in specific circumstances. Think about fog, rain, or riding at night.

Besides, most drivers don’t pay attention, so a reflective coat can make them conscious that you are also on the highway.

· Materials

Leather is one of the finest substances when it comes to protection. That’s the reason track day riders and racers use leather jackets.

It strongly resists abrasions and impacts and can be breathable without opening vents. Also, leather is easier to clean.

On the other hand, insect roadkill is a big problem in summer, and removing them from textile materials is more effortless than leather.

However, the extra exertion is worth it if you choose a cowhide lightweight summer motorcycle jacket.  

· Primary Construction

Another vital aspect that determines the efficiency and quality of the best summer riding jacket is its primary construction.

Mesh fabrics, textiles, and perforated leathers are the most commonly used materials in this section.

All these materials allow sufficient airflow and provide solid security on the road.

Recently, the use of proprietary constructions such as Cordura, Dyneema-infused materials, and custom-made mesh constructions has increased.

They offer abrasion resistance that is on the same level as leather hides.

· Secondary Built

Like primary construction, secondary construction also plays a key role in how a coat performs.

Nowadays, moisture-wicking liners and reinforced overlays for abrasion-prone areas are utilized.

· Adjustability

Adjustability should be on the top of your list for a summer jacket.

Good adjustability guarantees your armor is in the correct place, and you are comfortable.

On a summer ride, any trifling discomfort is hyperbolic. Your arms should be loose, and the waist should not dig in at your sides.

Seek for adjustability on the arms, hem, cuff, and abdomen.

· Versatility

This is reliant on how you want to utilize your outerwear.

If you want to use it on adventures through hot climates or desserts, you should pick a jacket that has a mesh construction for supreme air circulation.

If you want to use it in cool climates, you can get a jacket with more traditional zip vents. Nevertheless, you also have to consider many other things, such as do you want the coat to be versatile?

Do you prefer removable thermal linings, and should the jacket be waterproof and windproof?

You better know how you will use the outerwear, so only you can answer all these questions. Keep them in your mind while picking a summer jacket.

· Ventilation

Ventilation is also one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a jacket for hot weather.

If the ventilation is insufficient, you won’t acquire excellent airflow around your upper body and could easily swelter.

Usually, jackets have tiny vents that you can open or close via a button or zip.

You can also use the jacket in cool weather because you can completely close the vents.

Opt for a vented jacket if you will only go into warm conditions.


So, these are the eight best summer motorcycle jackets. They are lightweight, comfortable, and have a higher level of ventilation.

If you are seeking your next favorite summer jacket, you can choose any of these confidently.

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